10 March 2022
30TH NATIONAL REAL ESTATE CONVENTION (NREC)Navigating the Property Revival
About 30TH NREC 2022

The National Real Estate Convention (NREC) is an established national convention which has been held annually for the past 30 years since 1992 and organised by the Property Surveying Division of Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM)


We are now living in the New Normal where present challenges are new opportunities ready to be tapped. The previous 29th National Real Estate Convention organised by the Property Surveying Division (PSD) in March 2020 presented some unconventional ways of looking at property. Our 30th series aims to bring more awareness to owners, managers and occupants in the importance of reviewing their asset portfolio with asset preservation, transition, and reopening and prioritise the timing of each phase.


30th NREC will be a hybrid convention - only fully vaccinated participants will be allowed to attend physically in full compliance with the SOP. Those afar and unable to travel to the venue can still participate virtually so we can still bring the buzz of the convention to your living room or office space.


Our hybrid convention brings back physical booths to enable participants to experience in-person convention and browse around the exhibition, discover more information and make contacts.


In this new normal, it is more important than ever to come together as a community to learn from each other and enhance our knowledge during this challenging time – together to learn, adapt and innovate - be it direct approach or virtually.

“We are confident that 30th NREC will deliver on its promise of being the best annual event for all Property Stakeholders and Surveyors….. We look forward to welcoming you, be it, physically or online!”

30TH NREC 2022 Speakers
The NREC brings together like-minded property surveying professionals to enhance collective learning, encourage the sharing of ideas, to deliberate on matters such as, but not limited to, the latest professional knowledge, and latest professional skills and practices.
30TH NREC 2022 Schedule

Creating awareness amongst the stakeholders of the importance of adopting and embracing technology in property development and management to ensure efficient allocation of scarce resources and materials by highlighting some case studies and their effectiveness. The following are discussed:

•Use of Technology In Real Estate Construction & Asset Management
•Cost-Benefits of Sustainable Technologies In Property Development
•Technology Brings About Cost-effectiveness in Reducing Waste in Property Development

How do you revive aging properties? The evolution of development will call for new ways to optimise the use. How do you unlock the value of an established development? The panel members will discuss on:

•Rejuvenation of Old Developments
•Re-purposing Shopping Malls
•Rejuvenating Urban Space
•Urban Renewal

Global climate change led to new investment opportunities in ESG in Real Estate that arises as a solution to the climate crisis. How much do you know about sustainable real estate? Be an early adopter to look into sustainable investment. The following are discussed:

• ESG practices in Real Estate Investment
• Creating Value Through ESG and Sustainability – From Investor’s Perspective
• Adopting ESG in Property Development & Asset Facilities Management

Too often, property developments are design-led based on the vision of the developer, planner or designer. This approach disregards the needs and wants of the market and in most cases, leads to a mismatch between demand and supply. It has always been widely and inaccurately propagated that property will always appreciate in value. This belief promotes a vicious cycle of ever-increasing property prices which developers are ever unwilling to reduce in the obvious ways but instead opt for sugar coating and in-kind way of price correction. It does not help when speculations led by so-called property gurus further fuel a sense of false demand and drive an artificial increase in price. Consequently, conventional developments contribute to overhang statistics whilst mega projects create white elephants and ghost cities. These myths need to be busted by real professionals and developments must be based on market realities first and foremost. This is the only solution to the neverending and much-talked-about property bubbles and housing affordability crisis.

Myth #1 Mega Infrastructure Projects are catalysts for economic prosperity
Myth #2 Dream Lifestyle Sell Properties
Myth #3 Property is a future-proof investment
Myth #4 Government Are to Protect the Property Stakeholders

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1. Denotes all-inclusive of the 6% Sales and Service Tax (SST)
2. You are to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as specified by the organiser. Please enquire the Secretariat for further details.
3. The approved CPD Hours by BOVAEP is 3 hours for online participation
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Whether you are focused on building brand awareness or generating onsite leads, the Convention provides a series of invaluable marketing opportunities across multiple platforms.

A must for any organisation looking to reach leading real estate development decision makers and industry leaders in Asia’s most established property markets.

Build brand awareness and create competitor differentiation by showcasing your latest products

Shape the conversation and convey thought leadership through session participation opportunities

Expand your network, generate leads and drive sales through senior-level interactions with decision makers and access to the attendee list

For further enquiries or registration please contact Salmi 014 – 3165833 or email psevents@rism.org.my

Disclaimer: The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme in the best interest of the event

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