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Property Surverying Career Prospect

Every sector uses property assets and needs property related business expertise. The employers of surveyors range from small practices to large surveying firms, government agencies, academic institutions, private individuals and multinationals.  Advice can be provided in-house or by private consultancy agents on a contract basis. Surveying is also a pathway to entrepreneurship.


To become a qualified and professionally competent quantity surveyor or property consultant and valuer, the candidate will need to pursue the following career path: 

  1. Academic Qualifications

A candidate will need to pursue a course of study in surveying, either full time or by distance learning with an academic institution of higher learning in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore that are accredited by the relevant board for surveyors in Malaysia; i.e. Board of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents Malaysia, Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia, Board of Land Surveyors Malaysia etc, to obtain the academic qualifications required by the board for registration as a registered surveyor/valuer qualified to practise in Malaysia.

  1. Postgraduate Work Experience

A graduate who holds a relevant Degree or Diploma from an accredited institution of higher learning, prior to registration as a registered surveyor or valuer will be required to complete two years of “Postgraduate Work Experience” under the supervision of a registered practitioner in the respective field. During the two years of supervised work experience, he/she will be required to gain experience in all aspects of the work of his/her profession. 

Entry Requirements of RISM Examinations

Minimum Requirements: SPM/ O Levels with five credits including Maths & Malay/English Language

Foundation Examination (Three years): SPM with STPM/A Levels with any two principal passes in:

Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, & Malay Language


General Degree (e.g. BA in Business Administration, BSc in Civil Engineering etc);


SPM/ O Levels with three credits including Maths & Malay/English Language with 10 years of relevant working experience under Member of RISM and above 28 years and direct final examination (Ten years). 

Duration to Complete RISM Examinations

Foundation & Part 1 Examination (Three years),

Part two Examination (Five years),

Part Three / Graduate Entry Examination (Ten years),

Upon completing the final/direct final exam, one can complete the two-year training and subsequently sit for TPC. These are the main routes to become a professional surveyor in Malaysia. Please check with RISM on details as registration procedures are subject to review from time to time.

Personal Characteristics and Aptitudes

A quantity surveyor or property consultant and valuer is a professional who should be a person of high integrity, able and willing to perform his duties with the highest principle and honesty expected of a professional. Candidates should be statistics-inclined, though not an absolute necessity. They should have an analytical and critical mind with the ability to size up situations logically to form sound and reasoned opinions.

Surveying offers a mix of commerce and social interaction – suitable for those who like a combination of indoor and outdoor activities in project planning, management, negotiations and advising.

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