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Why Join RISM?

Everyone with practical knowledge of any surveying principle should become a member.

The Institution is a fraternity or brotherhood which brings together the minds and hearts of Surveyors for the benefit of the Surveying community and the Public at large.

It offers continuous professional development in the four principles of surveying which would help the Surveyor to keep abreast of the latest progress in the industry and better the skills and knowledge in serving the client.

It also provides the link to networking internationally with access to various affiliated organisations.

  1. PRESTIGE: Professional membership of a professional body locally and one that is  recognized internationally.
  2. PEER RECOGNITION by fellow professionals in the property and construction industry. e.g; architects and engineers (locally and internationally)
  3. STEPPING STONE to other international qualifications eg; Chartered Surveyor qualification from RICS
  4. NETWORKING opportunities for business development – locally and internationally
  5. BETTER job and career enhancement opportunities
  6. SOCIAL opportunities
  7. KNOWLEDGE enhancement opportunities at reduced rates
  8. OPPORTUNITY to develop leadership skills through involvement in council, divisional committees, other committees and sub-committees
  9. ENHANCED recognition by the public and clients when providing professional services
  10. INCREASES self-esteem
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