1. I / We agree to participate in the above event organised by the Property Surveying Division of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (“Organiser”) and hereby agree at all times to be bound by all the terms and conditions imposed by the Organiser and the Hotel Venue (including on all health and safety procedures by the Organiser and Hotel Venue, as well as any Standard Operating Procedures imposed by the National Security Council of Malaysia) during the event.
  2. The Organiser and Hotel Venue have on their best effort basis implemented measures to ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures imposed by the National Security Council of Malaysia and/or laws and/or regulations relating to events are adhered to.
  3. I am fully vaccinated with vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia or any other government authorities
  4. I hereby declare that I am not COVID-19 positive or under medical/authority advice to be quarantined and do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 as of the date above.
  5. I shall abide the requirements of the Venue Standard Operating Procedures (“Venue SOP”) (Dropbox on the details of the Venue SOP as attached – for reading only)

I understand that my agreement to participate in the above event with crowds may entail a certain degree of risk or harm to me, despite all measures being implemented. Hence, by attending the above event, I agree to abide by all terms and conditions above and also agree to fully absolve the Organiser and/or the Hotel Venue of any claims by me, in the event of any mishaps or any losses or any injuries or any conditions suffered by me (including any COVID-19 related infection due to the above event).


We would like to thank you for registering for physical attendance.

For the benefit of your personal safety and health and that of fellow participants and working staff members, we seek your kind understanding that we need to adopt conservative and strict venue standard operating procedures (SOP) which must be adhered to as we move to the endemic situation.

One Day Before the Event

  1. Only persons who are fully vaccinated (Completed 14 days after vaccination for any of the following vaccines: Pfizer, Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Sinopharm, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) can be allowed in.
  2. There is strictly NO COVID test during the event day. Failure to do so will result in delegates being prohibited to enter the hall during the event day.
  3. Only those who are tested negative will be allowed to enter the hall.
  4. Delegates must be fully responsible for their health & if any symptoms occurred before the event day, kindly inform the Organiser for further action. (Symptoms: High fever – 37.5C, Lose of sense & appetite, Flu & Cough)
  5. Delegates attending must do RTK Covid Test (Covid-19 Self-Test Kit) 24 hours before the event day and submit the result to the secretariat via email (by 5pm, Wednesday, 9th March 2022) or whatsapp to 014-3165833, a screenshot of the digital certificate, updated risk status, and the result of the Rapid Test Kit (side-by-side) as shown below:

On the Event Day

  1. Kindly check into MySejahtera Application & do the temperature screening before entering the ballroom.
  2. All delegates must wear a face mask throughout the event day (except for drinking and eating) and are encouraged to wear double face mask or face shield for extra precautions.
  3. Delegates will have access to hand sanitisers at the venue & are advised to sanitise regularly. Kindly wash hands with soap.
  4. All delegates must comply with one-metre social distancing during the event.
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