Shu Charng Yen

Shu Charng Yen, Senior Principal Planner -Surbana Jurong Consultants Pte. Ltd

CHARNG YEN has extensive experience with Planning Authorities, Consultancy and Developers in Malaysia, Singapore, ASEAN, China, India, Middle East, Africa and South America. She covers Development Strategy, Industry Positioning, Master Plan, Detailed Layouts, Parcellation Plans; from 100ha to 1,160km2 for mixed developments, tourism projects, residential townships and industrial parks. Charng Yen is both excited about large regional projects as well as smallish intimate projects such as Layout Plans and repurposing mature developments with new uses to keep up with the times and technology.

Charng Yen started her career at URA, the Planning and Conservation authority in Singapore, where a pragmatic approach of public-private partnership was adopted. Older buildings were given a new lease of life through different degrees of protection, restoration, extension and re-purposed with intervention of new technology.

Charng Yen believes that the development process is a collaborative effort between all stakeholders, appropriate to the local culture and site: “Together we can draw out the individual character of a site and create a community for all”. Seeing projects well executed gives her a great sense of satisfaction and adds to her passion for learning more in this dynamic process.

In Malaysia (2019), Charng Yen worked on a strategic project in Penang where she provided input to the Development Positioning, Industry Sectors for the Smart Park & on primary survey with potential investors; Researched & presented to the Client on Smart and Sustainable features, water strategies, waste management strategies for the Site, collaborated with the local office on translating the Concept Master Plan into the Detailed Layout and Urban Design proposals in conjunction with the Reclamation, Transport and Infrastructure teams.

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